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"DjSlimeBoi reached deep inside his soul... A new skill was learned!" -Team CStudios Adventure Episode 2

Why he joined

DjSlime joined TCGM in 2013 because he wanted to be in a YouTube series and MrJoCrafter wanted someone else to record with.
Later that same year, WolfGirl joined the channel and it was rebranded "Team CStudios | Gaming + More!".
After WolfGirl left due to scheduling conflicts, DjSlime was the only member left until AsianEkin13579 was brought on in 2014 and shortly left, and then in 2015, Chew, ThePlayaKing, and ZachAttack joined.

Series included in

1. Random Videos
2. McMagma Series
3. Five Nights At Minecraft

Favorite Games

1. Minecraft
2. FNAF Series
3. Assassin's Creed
4. Call of Duty

First Video Appearance First Video Game Appearance Joined CStudios
DjSlime vs McMagma Team CStudios Adventure - Episode 1 2013