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DjSlime vs McMagma

The video opens with MrJoCrafter being killed by the strange McMagma.
The video then flashes back to earlier that day.
DjSlime and MrJoCrafter are trying to create a perfect companion for them.
However, they mess up the recipie and create a monster, McMagma!
McMagma kills them and creates the lab into a fortress.
DjSlime finds fire-resistant armor and kills McMagma, at least for a while.

McMagma Strikes Back - Part 1

MrJoCrafter has McMagma in prison in his cool arena room.
But then, McMagma is smuggled out by a group of Evil Villagers
MrJoCrafter kills the villagers, but McMagma has escaped into the nether.

McMagma Strikes Back - Part 2

MrJoCrafter leaves the arena again and moves towards the portal.
He enters the portal, and goes down a minecart track. But it's a trap, and McMagma isn't there.
His arena is attacked, and he does not find McMagma.

McMagma Battle!

MrJoCrafter finds McMagma, and this time he's prepared.
McMagma is destroyed, for a while.

Other Appearances

McMagma is the primary villain in Team CStudios Adventure.
McMagma is fought once in every episode, except Episode 5.

Attributes and powers

- High Attack
- High Durability
- Ability to create lava out of nowhere
- Immortality and regeneration after destruction
- Fire Magic
- Summoning Monsters
- Mind Control