"MrJoCrafter used to be a noob, but is now slightly less of one." -ChewCraft Website

Founding of Team CStudios

MrJoCrafter founded Team CStudios, then "cstudiosyoutube" in 2013 for fun. In 2014, he brought on DjSlime, and it only got larger from there. It was rebranded "Team CStudios | Gaming and More!" in late 2014.

Series Included In

MrJoCrafter almost single-handedly records, edits, and performs in most videos on the channel, with only occasional help from ThePlayaKing. Some of MrJoCrafter's favorite series he made are:
CStudios Survival
FNAF: Sister Location
Five Nights at Minecraft
Modded Survival
FNAF World
Team CStudios Adventure Walkthrough

Favorite Games

MrJoCrafter's Top 10 favorite games are:

  1. Undertale
  2. No Man's Sky
  3. Minecraft
  4. The Legend Of Zelda - Twilight Princess
  5. FNAF: Sister Location
  6. Civilization V
  7. Super Mario Maker
  8. The Legend of Zelda - Ocarina Of Time
  9. Bloons Monkey City
  10. Super Smash Brothers for Wii U

First Video Appearance First Video Game Appearance Joined CStudios
CStudios Survival S1 E1 Team CStudios Adventure - Episode 1 2013